We have a holistic approach to financial planning. We use a process called Financial Needs Analysis. This process helps us to set financial goals with a client according to their specific needs.

Our area of expertise enables our financial advisors to provide advice as to how we can build your financial security.

The problems we address by doing a personalised financial needs analysis is:

Dying too soon Not providing support for dependents

Becoming Disabled Implications of being disabled

Being hospitalized Medical emergencies

Living too long Outliving your ability to support yourself

Inflation and Tax Negative impact of inflation and optimising tax concessions

The Financial Needs Analysis is

a process whereby we collect the client’s information, determine long and short term financial goals; a comprehensive plan is then constructed and implemented which is reviewed annually as the clients circumstances change.

The Six Steps process to complete an FNA

1) Establish relationship with client and gather information
2) Establish Goals and objectives
3) Evaluate current Situation
4) Develop a plan
5) Implement plan
6) Ongoing review